College of Arts and Sciences Virtual Explore UNF - Shared screen with speaker view
Eily Matheny
Hi! Katherine Herndon joining from Palatka, FL. I'll be starting UNF this Summer for the Child Psychology program as a Transfer. (:
Lauren Hunt
Good morning! I am Lauren & I am from Dallas, but live in Jacksonville now. My intended major is astrophysics.
Casie Ward
Hi I’m Casie from Oviedo FL, majoring in Graphic Design.
Victoria Culverhouse
Please submit all questions in the Q&A section!
Gabriela- Tours
Hello future ospreys! Thank you for joining us on our virtual tour. We are so excited to explore our campus together! If you have any tour/student related questions please drop them in the Q&A feature.
Gabriela- Tours
Hello again future ospreys! Please use the Q&A feature to drop in any questions you have. We will be doing a brief Q&A panel at the end of the tour so make sure to drop your questions at this time.
Gabriela- Tours
Thank you Christine
Gabriela- Tours
Hi again, last chance to drop in any questions. Our next stop is our last stop briefly covering our residential area on campus.
Gabriela- Tours
For more housing questions, please contact https://www.unf.edu/housing/. Housing will be able to assist you with your questions on occupancy, cost, living learning communities. The housing application is open on their website so make sure to complete that as early as you are able to in order to submit your preference for what room.
Gabriela- Tours
Thank you again for joining us on our virtual tour! We welcome you to join us on campus. Check out our website for in-person campus tours. https://www.unf.edu/welcomecenter/
Emma Reynolds
Thank you all for joining us today! Join us for optional virtual walk-in hours, today from 12-2 p.m. Check out this website for the links to join: bit.ly/coaszoom