Staff Town Hall with Interim President Pam Chally - Shared screen with speaker view
Rick Buck
It's great to have you back on campus, Dr. Chally!!
Kathleen Leone
I understand that there is a significant wait for students seeking counseling services through he Counseling Center. What can we do to help the Center work with more students in need of these services?
Alison (She/her) Cruess
There is no staff represenation on the Presidential Search Committee. That is a big concern and representation should have been considered when selecting the committee. Was this an oversight and how can you ensure a staff voice will be heard when the search is conducted? (Question that was in the Q&A)
Dana Deal
when might there be an update on the vp of jobs?
Trudy Cochrane
With COVID in mind, is there a possibility to allow staff to work remote the week before winter break to allow us to be healthy for the holidays. Thank you!
Jen Miranda Stout
Other state institutions have provided incentives for faculty and staff pertaining to COVID-19 vaccinations. Are there plans for this to occur at UNF?
Madison Herrin she/her
If students are having issues with finding quiet areas (or other scheduling issues), and don't feel comfortable reaching out to chairs/provosts directly, would Student Government/the student advocate be a valuable resource to direct them to?
Rachel Winter
Website for Search Committee: https://www.unf.edu/trustees/president_search/
Emily Schroder (she/her/hers)
Can you kindly speak to the reasoning behind hosting non-essential/social events on campus? We are hearing that UNF is doing everything it can to protect our community from the Covid surge, but this seems to conflict with that message.
Kate Mattingly Learch
Don't forget to mention UNF's 50th!
Valerie Morrison
She rocks! :)